George Cunliffe

Place of Birth

  • Born                      Jan-March 1839 at Bolton.
  • Married                  11 March 1863 to Agnes, daughter of Jonas Pilling, of Little Bolton.
  • Died                      25 September 1887 at Arnside

George Cunliffe was born in Bolton and received some experience with a London practice. In 1861 he was working in London while sharing lodgings with Edward Potts, similarly employed in the office of John Pritchard and John Pollard Seddon.

He probably commenced independent practice about the time of his marriage in 1863 and two years later, in 1865, he entered into partnership with Richard Knill Freeman. This partnership between George Cunliffe and Richard Knill Freeman was dissolved on 30 September 1871 (London Gazette 6 October 1871 Page 13). For the next nine or ten years he worked alone, having as his head draughtsman his brother-in-law, Joseph Pilling. Joseph Pilling was taken into partnership in 1880 or more probably 1881, (1881 Census still records Joseph Pilling as an Architect’s assistant).  This partnership continued until 1884 when ill-health appears to have forced George Cunliffe’s retirement

On the 11th March 1863 George Cunliffe, architect, Great Bolton, married Agnes, daughter of Jonas Pilling, of Little Bolton. at the Unitarian Chapel Bank-street, Bolton – three daughters and one son. Agnes Cunliffe died on 21st March 1917 at Rhos-on-Sea, in her 79th year.

George Cunliffe died on 25 September at Heath Cliffe, Arnside, having suffered ill-health for some time. In a short obituary, The British Architect recorded “The death is announced of Mr G Cunliffe, formerly a well-known architect in Bolton, but for some time laid aside by paralysis. The deceased gentleman was at one time in partnership with Mr R Knill Freeman. Mr Cunliffe enjoyed an extensive local practice we believe. [British Architect 30 September 1887 Page 245]

1865        George Cunliffe, 13 Wood Street, Bolton
1868        Great Bolton
1878        George Cunliffe 14 Acresfield, Bolton
1878        Cunliffe and Freeman architects and surveyors 14 Acresfield Bolton

1861        Milbank Street, Westminster, London
1871        Tonge With Haulgh, Bolton. George Cunliffe architect (Cunliffe and Freeman) Castle Street Halgh (Worral’s Directory)
1881        Fern Bank, Chorley New Road, Heaton, near Bolton, (1881 Census)
1888        Heath Cliffe, Red Hills Road  Arnside, Westmoreland (Probate) 


Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Cunliffe and Pilling Architectural practice 1880 1884 Bolton
Cunliffe and Freeman Architectural practice 1865 1871 Bolton