Arthur Joseph Singleton Shaw

Place of Birth

  • Born       29 September 1871 at Howden, East Riding of Yorkshire.
  • Married    7 October 1897 to Helen Stanworth at Brierfield near Burnley.
  • Died        9 May 9, 1943 at Metham Hall Laxton, Howden, East Riding of Yorkshire.
  • Burial       Laxton Churchyard, Laxton, Howden, East Riding of Yorkshire

The son of George Henry Shaw (1842-1922), builder, and Sarah Shaw (nee Everatt) Arthur J S Shaw was born on 29 September 1871 at Bishopgate Street, Howden, East Riding of Yorkshire and trained as an architect. He is recorded as a Probationer of the RIBA in 1891 and a Student in 1893. In 1897 he passed the qualifying examination in 1897 and was elected Associate of the RIBA the same year while working in Oldham.  Previously he had been employed as assistant to Salomons & Steinthal in Manchester (1893-1894). He had commenced independent practice in Burnley by 1904 and maintained an office there until at least 1913. However, he does not appear in the RIBA Kalendar of 1919 or subsequent issues.

On 7 October 1897 he married Helen Shaw Stanworth, also known as Ellen, at Brierfield near Burnley. The marriage produced three children - Clifford Everatt Shaw (b 1898); Margery Helen Shaw (b 1903) and George William Norman Shaw, born Burnley 1904.

Having returned to his roots Arthur Joseph Singleton Shaw died on 9 May 1943 at Metham Hall Laxton, Howden, East Riding of Yorkshire and was buried in Laxton churchyard.

1897    27 Queen Street Oldham
1904-10    Mercantile Bank Chambers 69 St James Street Burnley
1913    35 St James Street Burnley

1899    Barrowford, Nelson
1901    Clitheroe Road Burnley
1911    Reedley Hallows, Burnley
1943    Metham Hall, Laxton East Yorkshire