Frederick Alexander Meryweather

Architect, Farmer
Place of Birth
Stepney, London
Rochdale Kansas


Frederick Alexander Meryweather was born in Stepney, London, in October-December 1845, the son of an English father and Scottish mother. By 1870 he had moved with his young wife to Rochdale where his first child was born. Here he was employed by John James Whitaker who later took him into partnership, as architects, valuers and surveyors, at 15 Baillie Street, Rochdale, under the firm of “Russel and Whitaker.

This partnership was dissolved on 30 April 1874, after which Frederick Alexander Meryweather and his young family sailed to the United States, arriving in Philadelphia on 21 May. His occupation now given as farmer he moved west, settling in Ellsworth County, Kansas at a particularly turbulent period in its history. When the railroad extended its line to Ellsworth, the town quickly developed a thriving cattle market, between 1871 and 1875. At its peak in 1873, approximately 220,000 head of longhorn cattle were driven through the town. With the flood of cowboys, came the gamblers, outlaws and the inevitable women of disrepute. This was truly the Wild West of legend and Ellsworth maintained its wicked reputation until the shipping pens were finally closed in 1875. Only with the cattle trade gone did the town settle down into a peaceful ranching and farming community. Frederick Alexander Meryweather was still living at Ellsworth in 1910 with his second wife.

1875    15 Baillie Street, Rochdale

1871    Castleton, Rochdale
1874    Ellsworth Kansas USA


Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Russell and Whitaker (ii) Arcitectural practice 1869 1874 Rochdale