George Herbert Woodhouse

Place of Birth

  • Born: 3 April 1863 Heath Bank, Chorley New Road, Bolton
  • Baptism: 21 August 1863 Park Street Wesleyan Methodist, Bolton
  • Died: 23 March 1925 Eastbourne

George Herbert Woodhouse was born in Bolton on 3 April 1863, the son of George Woodhouse, architect of Bolton, and his second wife, Ellen, and was articled to his father.

In 1883, George Woodhouse (senior) was forced to give up work through ill-health and died a few weeks later at the relatively early age of 55. At the time of his father's illness and death George Herbert Woodhouse was, at most, aged twenty. George Woodhouse therefore placed his practice in the hands of trustees.

Claims that George Woodhouse has entered into partnership with William James Morley immediately prior to this appear incorrect. Rather Morley had been employed on a temporary basis to manage the Bolton office while continuing to maintain his own practice in Bradford. He was still submitting competition entries in his sole name as late as 1884.

By 1884 George Herbert Woodhouse had inherited his father's practice following which he entered into partnership with W J Morley. This partnership was unusual if not unique in that it operated under two names - Woodhouse and Morley in Bolton and Morley and Woodhouse in Bradford. The partnership was dissolved about 1892 at which time Morley opened a branch office on Mawdsley Street, Bolton while George Herbert Woodhouse continued to practice from his father's old offices in St George's Road.

By 1893 George Herbert Woodhouse had entered into partnership with his father's former partner Edward Potts, although it was his son, William Potts, who shared responsibility for the running of the Bolton office. Again the Woodhouse name was placed first and after a gap of over twenty years, Woodhouse and Potts resumed practice, albeit with a different Woodhouse. As previously, this was a dual partnership relating solely to the Bolton office, Edward Potts continuing to maintain a separate practice in Manchester. Following the dissolution of the partnership about 1895, the Bolton office was continued as a branch of Potts Son and Pickup.

 George Herbert Woodhouse never married and shared the family home with his step-mother Harriet, George Woodhouse's third wife, and her children until her death in the mid-1890s.

By 1901 he would appear to have retired as the Census of that year shows he was a boarder at 108 Church Road, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth and his occupation is given as retired architect. In the 1911 he is a boarder at 2 Burton Street, St Pancras, London and his occupation a clerk(confidential) for an electrical company.

George Herbert Woodhouse, then of 6 Cambridge Road, Eastbourne, died on 23 April 1925; effects £59 10s 11d.




Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Morley and Wooodhouse Architectural practice 1884 1892 Bolton Bradford
Woodhouse and Morley Architectural practice 1885 1892 Bolton Bradford
Woodhouse and Potts (II) Architectural practice 1892 1896 Bolton Manchester