James Muir Calder

Place of Birth
Yarmouth Norfolk

  • Born:     Oct -Dec 1872 at Yarmouth, Norfolk
  • Died:   5 May 1945 at Birch Hill House, Wardle, Rochdale.

Census returns indicate that James Muir Calder was born at Great Yarmouth in 1872. He was articled to George Craig from June 1887, studying at Heriot‑Watt College and the Architectural Association Work Classes in Edinburgh. On completing his apprenticeship in September 1891 he moved to England to join Charles William Smith of Grantham and Nuneaton as assistant. While there he took the Cambridge University course in Gothic Architecture in 1895, passing with distinction. He left in May 1901 to take up an appointment as chief assistant to Butterworth & Duncan in Rochdale where he was to remain for the rest of his career. He was admitted ARIBA  by special examination on 5 December 1910, his proposers being William Henderson Duncan, Sydney Decimus Kitson and Edwin Thomas Hall. Prior to that time he had travelled in France and Belgium.

James Muir Calder died on 5 May 1945 at  Birch Hill House Wardle Rochdale, and was interred at Rochdale Cemetery.