James W Fraser

Manchester, London

Papers read at the RIBA Session 1871-1871 page 15

Mr. Edward Hall, Visitor - May I be allowed to add one word to the excellent address we have just heard, by mentioning the name of Mr. James W. Fraser, whose decease I regret to state occurred about two months ago. Mr. Fraser I knew as far back as 1836, at which time he was the most eminent amateur architect in the town of Manchester, a most able artist, an exhibitor at the local exhibition of the Royal Institution in Manchester, and had a great taste for architecture. I remember about that time his frequent attendances at the offices of my master, Mr. Atkinson, of Manchester. He came there on any emergency when drawings were required to be filled in with figures; he was peculiarly apt at such work. He went to London, where he afterwards resided, and it is probable some members know more about his recent history than I do myself ; but I think his name ought to be mentioned as one of the prominent members of this Institute.

The President - Mr. Fraser was a Contributing Visitor. Up to the present time we had received no intimation of his decease, which I am sure all of us now hear with deep regret. It will of course be formally recorded in our Minutes