John Grey Weightman

Place of Birth
Bawtry, South Yorkshire

  • Born      1801
  • Died       9 December 1872 at South Collingham, Nottinghamshire

John Gray Weightman was born in 1801 in Bawtry, South Yorkshire, the son of Robert Weightman and Mary Gray. He was articled to Woodhead and Hurst, a Doncaster practice, before moving to London to gain experience in the offices of Charles Barry and Charles Robert Cockerell. He returned to Sheffield in 1832. In 1838, then busy with plans for the Collegiate School, Sheffield, he entered into formal partnership with Matthew Ellison Hadfield (1812–85) under the style Wightman and Hadfield. In 1850 they were joined in partnership by George Goldie, their pupil from 1845 to 1850. When Weightman formally left the firm in 1859, they had become one of the leading practices in the Sheffield area, acting as architects for the Duke of Norfolk's northern estates and obtaining commissions from other Roman Catholic clients. Weightman continued to practice in Sheffield, working from offices in Compo Lane. He retired in 1869, his practice being continued by Thomas Alfred Wilson, a former pupil.

On 30 January 1834 He married Mary Elizabeth Collinson (1802-1884) at Saint Giles in the Fields, London. The marriage was seemingly childless.

John Gray Weightman died at South Collingham, Nottinghamshire on 9 December 1872.

1833: 6 Surrey Street, ( Whites History & Directory of Sheffield – 1833).
1837    3 Surrey Street (Whites Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham – 1837)
1838-1858: Corn Exchange Buildings Sheffield
1864-1865: John Gray Weightman Compo Lane Sheffield  (Sheffield Burgess Rolls.)

1841: Upperthorpe
1843-1844 Bellmonte, Sheffield (Sheffield Burgess Rolls)
1851-1865: Norfolk Road Sheffield
1871: South Collingham, Nottinghamshire

Obituary        Builder 28 December 1872 page 1034
Reference    London Gazette 7 June 1859 page 2244

Works: John Grey Weightman
1831: All Saints' Church, Glossop. 1831[4] rebuilding
1835-1836: Collegiate School, College Street, Leicester
1836: Collegiate School (now University main building), Sheffield.
1836: All Saints’ Roman Catholic Church, Old Glossop.
1836: Presbytery, Church Street, Old Glossop.
1869: St. Cecilia House Sheffield


Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Weightman and Hadfield Architectural practice 1838 1858 Sheffield
Weightman Hadfield and Goldie Architectural practice 1852 1860 Sheffield
Wightman and Hadfield 3346 Architectural practice 1837 1852 Sheffield