John James Whitaker


  • Birth date            16 April 1833
  • Baptism                23 June 1833 at Provident Chapel High Street Independent, Rochdale
  • Marriage              23 February 1881 at St George, Preston to Mary Ellen daughter of John Sumner
  • Death date          1 January 1891 at 27 King Street South Rochdale

The son of James and Eliza Susan Whittaker, John James Whitaker was born at Rochdale on 16 April 1833 and by 1851 was calling himself architect. In 1861 he joined David Russel under the style Russel and Whitaker. Following the death of David Russell in 1869, John James Whitaker continued the practice in the same name, later taking Frederick Alexander Meryweather into partnership as architects, surveyors and valuers at 15 Baillie Street Rochdale. This partnership was dissolved on 30 April 1874. Less than a month later Meryweather had arrived in Philadelphia about to embark on a new life as a farmer in Kansas. According to the notice of dissolution the business hitherto carried out by the firm was in future to be carried on by John James Whitaker. In 1875 a commission was undertaken under the name “Whitaker and New” but no later works have yet been found. John James Whitaker died on 1 January 1891 at his residence, 27 King Street South Rochdale.

1861    Yorkshire Street Wardleworth Rochdale
1871    Castleton Rochdale
1891    27 King Street South Rochdale (probate)





Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Russell and Whitaker (i) Architectural practice 1861 1869 Rochdale
Russell and Whitaker (ii) Arcitectural practice 1869 1874 Rochdale