Joshua Cartwright

Borough Engineer
Place of Birth

  • Born      1835 at Didsbury
  • Died       23 March 1923 Bury

Educated at the Old Quay Street School, Manchester, the pioneer of Owens College, now Victoria University, Manchester. In 1862 he was appointed assistant to the Dukinfield Local Board Surveyor, and was appointed Surveyor, 1864; First Engineer and Surveyor, Bury, 1877; was Engineer to the Bury and District Joint Water Board; designed and constructed Clough Bottom Reservoir, Ogden Reservoir and Scout Moor High-level Reservoirs. In 1897 Joshua Cartwright applied for a vacant position as water engineer with the Corporation of Sheffield. So concerned were Bury council to retain his services that new terms were offered, including £750 for services in connection with the new waterworks at Clough Bottom and the new sewage works at Livsey Field; that he be at liberty to take a limited private practice; that he continue as borough engineer for a further term of two years, or until the completion of the sewage works at his current salary of £500 per annum and that at the end of the period named he be retained by the Corporation as consulting engineer at an annual salary of £250. In private practice from 1900.

1883        Joshua Cartwright CE (Borough Surveyor) Bank Street Bury (Barratt Directory)
1906        Joshua Cartwright, M. Inst. C.E., Peel Chambers, Bury, Lancashire
1922        21, Parsons Lane, Bury, Lancashire (Who’s Who in Engineering 1922)

1880        Joshua Cartwright CE 22 Albion Place Walmersley Road, Bury
1923        Joshua Cartwright CE  Albion-place 216 Walmersley Road Bury