Thomas Chadwick

Place of Birth

  • Born :  15 Apr 1851 
  • Baptism : 25 May 1851 at St Mark’s church Dukinfield
  • Died :  19 May 1923
  • Burial : 22 May 1923 Phillips Park Cemetery

The son of William and Mary Chadwick, Thomas Chadwick was born at Dukinfield on 15 April 1851 and articled to Henry Fuller. By 1876 he was chief clerk, to Lawrence Booth, joining him in partnership under the style Booth and Chadwick about 1889. At Colwyn Bay they practised in conjunction with J M Porter FSI under the style Booth Chadwick and Porter. Some sources suggest that Thomas Chadwick (aged 24) was taken into partnership by Lawrence Booth in 1876. However, all works between 1876 and 1889 were in the sole name of Lawrence Booth. Only after 1890 are works recorded in the joint names of Booth and Chadwick.  The earlier date may represent that when Chadwick began working for the firm. Chadwick worked alone following the death of Lawrence Booth in 1895 before taking his sons Richard Booth and Henry Booth into partnership in 1898. The names of the firms remained unchanged.

In 1903 the partnership between Booth, Chadwick and Porter, architects, of Colwyn Bay and Manchester was dissolved. Chadwick and Booth continued to practice as before in Manchester while J. M. Porter commenced practice on his own account at Colwyn Bay. In 1906 the partnership with Henry Booth ended, after which Thomas Chadwick practised under his own name.

1903    Thomas Chadwick ARIBA FMSA architect (Booth & Chadwick) 42 Oxford Street, Manchester
1906    Thomas Chadwick FRIBA FMSA architect (Booth & Chadwick) 16 Princess Street, Manchester

1881    66 Grey Mare Lane, Bradford, Manchester (Census)
1883    (66) Grey Mare Lane, Bradford, Manchester (MG 29 March 1883 p4)
1899-1900 : Oxford View Heaton Chapel (Pike)
1903-1923 : Brackley Wellington Road Heaton Chapel (Slater)

Death Notice :  Manchester Guardian 22 May 1923 page 12
Reference : Rhyl Journal 16 April 1898 – partnership with Richard and Henry Booth
Reference : Welsh Coast Pioneer 1 May 1903 page 9 – dissolution of partnership with Porter
Reference : Pike


Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Booth and Chadwick Architectural practice 1889 1894 Manchester
Booth Chadwick and Porter Architectural practice 1889 1905 Colwyn Bay
Chadwick and Booth Architectural practice 1903 1906 Manchester and Colwyn Bay