Walter Cambell

Place of Birth

  • Born : 1868 at Salford
  • Baptism : 12 August 1868 at Manchester Cathedral
  • Marriage : 1894 Walter Cambell and Mary Ewart Pryde at Eccles. She died 1917
  • Died :    Jul-Aug-Sep 1944 CHECK

The son of William McKean Cambell Rope & Twine Manufacturer, Walter Cambell was born in Salford. He trained as an architect and was employed as an architect’s assistant in 1891.  His partnership with William Horsley began shortly thereafter. Following Horsley’s death in 1901 Walter Cambell continued the firm in the same name and at the same address until his bankruptcy in December 1902. He attributed his failure to losses in building speculations, inability to realise houses he had built, bad debts, and the falling off of business. The first and final dividend was in 1906 at the rate of 7s 2d in the pound. Cambell subsequently began practice under his own name and was recorded as an architect in 1917 on his son’s marriage certificate. In 1904 he was listed as a Fellow of the Manchester Society of Architects. However, he does not appear in the 1911 and subsequent editions of the RIBA Kalendar.

1895    Cambell and Horsley 11 Chapel Walks Manchester
1902    Cambell & Horsley 57 Deansgate Arcade Deansgate
1909-1911 Walter Cambell, 102/103 Haworth’s Buildings, 5 Cross Street, Manchester.

1891    Wellington Road, Eccles
1902    Walter Cambell FMSA Glen Ewart Broad Oak Road Worsley
1904-1911 Walter Cambell FMSA 27 Carlton Road Pendleton.
1911    Gatley



Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Cambell and Horsley Architectural practice 1893 1901 Manchester