Wiliami Wilson

Place of Birth
Ingleby Yorkshire

  • Birth date            1817 at Ingleby Barwick, Yorkshire
  • Christening         19 January 1817 Stainton In Cleveland, Yorkshire
  • Married                Mary
  • Bankruptcy         Petition filed November 1842
  • Death date          1 April 1875 at his residence, Harper Hill, Sale
  • Burial                     Brooklands Cemetery

 The son of Willami Wilson and Dorothy, Willami Wilson was born at Ingleby Barwick, Yorkshire but had moved to Manchester before 1840. Here he had entered into partnership with Stephen Hall Andrew as Architects and Surveyors, Land and Building Agents and Valuers, carrying on business under the style or firm of Andrew and Wilson, but this partnership was dissolved by mutual consent on 19 January 1841. Willami Wilson continued his business at the offices occupied by the late firm, 4 Cooper Street Manchester but was probably soon in some financial difficulty. In November 1842 he filed a petition for protection against bankruptcy.

Before 1841    Andrew and Wilson, 4 Cooper Street Manchester
1841        Willami Wilson, 4 Cooper Street Manchester
1846        William Wilson 90 King Street, Manchester
1852-1853    William Wilson, architect and surveyor, 86 King Street, Manchester
1859-1871    Willami Wilson, architect surveyor and valuer, 23 John Dalton Street Manchester
1874        Wilson and Oldham [architects and valuers]    23 John Dalton Street

1841-1842    Bethell-place, Stretford New-road, Hulme, from February
1842         8, Mount-street, Manchester, 9 Feb to August 1842
1842         Saint Peter's Tavern, Dickinson-street, Manchester, August 1842 17 October 1842
1842        8, Welbeck street, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, 17 October 1842 –
1853        William Wilson, architect and surveyor Park Street, Greenheys
1861-1863    William Wilson School Lane Sale Cheshire (Census)
1871 2        William Wilson, architect (Wilson & Oldham)  Derbyshire Lane, Sale
1875        Harpers Hill (death notice)



Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Andrew and Wilson Architectural practice 1840 1841 Manchester
Wilson and Oldham Architectural practice 1870 1875 Manchester
Wilson Oldham and Wilson Architectural practice 1875 1876 Manchester