Building Name

Additions: “Holehird” Patterdale Road Troutbeck Cumbria

Cumbria, England
John MacMillan Dunlop
New Build

in 1865 the Holehird estate was sold to John Macmillan Dunlop, maker of machines for the manufacture of India rubber. The Dunlop family did not immediately move into Holehird as they required further extensions to accommodate them and their servants. A new extension, which became the dominant feature of the mansion, was built containing splayed bays on both floors. The stone-mullioned windows featured the most intricate and ostentatious Gothic tracery, with the roof being topped by elegant metal finials. Further extensions were also made to the first phase of Lingard's construction. The family moved in during the spring of 1867 but two months later Mrs Dunlop died of consumption. Dunlop was left with four young sons who were to be educated at home. He urgently needed additional accomodation to accomodate yet more staff and another wing to hold domestic staff, a governess and a schoolroom was hastily built onto his earlier extension. The manner in which this part was grafted onto the main house indicates that it was not part of the original plan and it is less decorative (and therefore less expensive) than the main building.

The estate was later purchased by William Grimble Groves, the Salford brewer. For the two summers of 1889 and 1895 Beatrix Potter stayed here with her family when her father rented the house. In 1945 the entire estate was given to Westmorland County Council by Henry Leigh Groves JP for the benefit of the people of the county.