Building Name

All Saints Mission Church and Infant Schools Cyprus Street, Stretford

1884 - 1885
Cyprus Street
GMCA, England
New build

Plans are now being prepared by Mr G T Redmayne, architect, of this city for the erection of the proposed new mission church in connection with the parish church, Stretford. [Manchester Guardian 9 January 1884 page 6]

At the weekly meeting of the Working Committee, held on Wednesday, further subscriptions were announced, raising the amount now promised to £1,251, besides the land. It was determined to work hard to increase this to £1,500 before the close of the month, when plans will be submitted for the approval of the subscribers and the erection of the building at once commenced. [Manchester Guardian 11 January 1884 page 6]

Foundation stone laid by Mrs Fraser, wife of the Bishop, on 1 November 1884. Land, near Stretford Town hall donated by Sir Humphrey de Trafford. A District was first assigned to All Saints from St. Matthew's, Stretford, on 29 January 1904. Cost £2600 to £3,000 with sittings for 300. During the celebrations after the consecration service, the new communion plate was stolen.

The original All Saints church stood on Cyprus Street, Stretford, its foundation stone being laid on 1 November 1884 and the completed church consecrated the following year. This church building was struck by an incendiary bomb during an air raid on 23 December 1940 and totally destroyed in the ensuing blaze.

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