Building Name

Alterations: Pendleton Unitarian Free Church Cross Lane Salford

Cross Lane
Windsor Bridge, Salford
GMCA, England
New Build

PENDLETON UNITARIAN FREE CHURCH - The opening of new schools and the re-opening of the church were celebrated on Saturday evening by the members of the congregation of the Pendleton Unitarian Free Church, Cross Lane, by a reception, an Organ recital, and a soiree. Extensive alterations and additions have lately been carried out in connection with the church under the direction of and from designs by Mr. Tom Cook, architect, Manchester. The hot-air apparatus, which was very defective, has been taken out, and the building is now efficiently warmed by means of hot water. At the west end of the chapel a new gallery, with seating accommodation for 80 persons, has been erected and underneath this there is placed a vestibule. On each side of the vestibule there is a vestry, one for the minister and the other for the wardens. The whole of the seating in the nave and transept be has been taken out and rearranged, forming two aisles, and additional seating has been provided. The organ has been removed from the apse into the north transept, and a new choir platform erected. The church has also been beautified a total cost of between £400 and - £500 having been incurred. It may be mentioned that the schoolroom, which has recently been put up at a cost of £1,000, forms part of a larger scheme of addition. The scheme comprises the erection of a further block of school buildings and the alterations already carried out in the chapel. The total expenditure is estimated at some £3,100. [Manchester Times 5 April 1884 page 6]

Reference           Manchester Times 5 April 1884 page 6