Building Name

Bank Street Schools Bolton

Bank Street
GMCA, England
New Build
Dobie of Little Lever

BANK STREET SCHOOLS, BOLTON—These new schools, lately erected, have been opened. They are constructed of brick with stone dressings, the style being Gothic. In the basement is a room for kitchen 27 feet by 21 feet, heating chamber, and other rooms. The ground floor, to be used for day schools, has separate entrances and porches for boys and girls. It has a general schoolroom, about 45 feet by 36 feet, and infants‘ school-room, 30 feet by 21 feet, and two class-rooms, one about 27 feet by 21 feet, and the other about 15 feet by 11 feet. The rooms are lofty and well lighted. Playgrounds are provided at the back, and communication formed with the old school that it may be utilised when required. The first floor, gained direct from the chapel yard, is fitted up for Sunday-school purposes. The main room, about 51 feel: by 36 feet, has a partially open timbered roof, and is 24 feet high to the ceiling, which is formed at the level of the collar beams. The walls are wainscoted, and the woodwork throughout is of pitch-pine, varnished. In the gable next the chapel yard is a large rose window, which has been filled with stained glass. Mr G Cunliffe is the architect, and Messrs. Dobie, of Little Lever, the contractors. [The Architect  31 January 1874 page 67]

Reference           The Architect  31 January 1874 page 67