Building Name

Board Schools Roundthorn near Oldham

Roundthorn, Oldham
GMCA, England
New Build

OLDHAM - New board‑schools at Roundthorn, near Oldham, were recently opened. They are Gothic in style, and are built of brickwork with a base of coursed pitch‑faced wall-stones. The mixed school is 51 feet, by 25feet.; there are also two class‑rooms 29 feet. by 22 feet., and 22 feet by 16 feet, two infants' rooms, one 28feet. 6in. by 18 feet the other 18 feet by 16 feet, and a teachers' room 14 feet by 13 feet. The rooms, instead of the usual windows, are lit by large skylights in the roofs, made to open. The architect was Mr. William H. Cooke, of Queen‑street, Oldham. [Building News 15 July 1881 Page 86]

Reference           Building News 15 July 1881 Page 86