Building Name

Cavendish Street Schools Boundary Street All Saints

1848 - 1849
Boubdary Street
All Saints, Manchester
GMCA, England
New build

The schools were sited at the rear of the chapel with its entrances on Boundary Street. It was transferred to the Manchester School Board in 1885.


THE CAVENDISH STREET SCHOOLS, MANCHESTER - At the end of last year we mentioned an extensive school-house, then building in Cavendish Street, behind Dr Halley’s Independent Chapel. The annexed engraving is representative of the schools and shows also a part of the chapel. The building covers an area 127 feet by 44 feet, containing boys’ girls and infants’ schools on the ground floor. A spacious centre staircase leads to the grand centre hall, or Sunday school, on the upper floor, 80 feet by 40 feet, with a library and lecture room at either end, 44 feet by 20 feet, separated from the hall by an enriched screen (Glazed) affording a view of the entire range of buildings. The height of the hall is 38 feet, divided into seven bays, with open principals filled in with tracery. The hall is lighted by seven three-light windows on each side. Galleries carried on projecting brackets from the screens on three sides of the hall, afford communication to ten classrooms over library and lecture room, these rooms being only 14 feet in height. The schools on the ground floor are 18 feet 6 inches high. In the basement are kitchens, and on the ground floor, in addition to what has been mentioned are accommodation for parties residing on the premises. The cost of the building was £4,700, without fittings, these, namely forms and desks, will probably cost £500 more. The building was erected under the superintendence of Mr Edward Walters, architect. [Builder 3 March 1849 page 103]

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