Building Name

Central Methodist Hall (Victoria Hall) Sheffield

Yorkshire, England
Competition entry
First premium

The Wesleyan Central Hall, Sheffield was an extensive scheme accommodating 2,500 people and comprising a central hall, with smaller halls and other buildings in the Renaissance style which was erected in George-street; at a cost of £40,000.  In 1904 Waddington and Dunkerley came first in a competition for the design of this hall, which became the headquarters of the Sheffield Wesleyan Mission, a body set up to minister to the city's working class. The foundation stone was not laid until September 1906, eight months after the break-up of Waddington and Dunkerley's partnership, and when Waddington died in January 1907, the project was taken over by the second prize winner, William John Hale (1862-1929). It is not clear how far Hale departed from the original design, but most commentators think that apart from the top of the tower which he restyled, only small changes were made to the detail.