Building Name

Church of St Mary, Betwys-y-coed

Holyhead Road
Gwynedd, Wales
New build
O. and O. Jones, of Penmachno, (or Gethin Jones)

BETTYS-Y-COED NEW CHURCH - This church has just been consecrated by the Bishop of Bangor. It has been built, at an expense of £5,000, from designs by Messrs. Paley and Austen, of Lancaster, the builder being Mr Gethin Jones. The tower remains unfinished for want of funds. [The Architect 3 May 1873 page 239]

BETTWS-Y-COED CHURCH, NORTH -WALES. - One of our lithographic illustrations this week represents a very interesting little church just erected at Bettws-y-Coed, North Wales. The facing of walls, inside and out, is of local rock. The chancel walls internally are faced with red Runcorn stone. The whole of the dressings and the groining of the tower and chancel are of red Runcorn stone. The heating is by Bennet, of Liverpool. The roofs and seats are of pitch pine. The pulpit and choir fittings are temporary. The tower is at present only built to the level of the ridge of the chancel roof, and temporarily roofed over. Though font (made from the architects' design) is of Serpentine marble, manufactured by Mr Bradbury, of Penzance. The paving of the nave and aisles, and vestry is of small yellow clinkers; that of the chancel is of Godwin's tiles. The carving is by Mr. Roddis, of Birmingham. The height from nave floor to ridge is 46 feet, to the tower groining 38 feet, to the top of tower parapet, when completed, 70 feet, or 77 feet (about) from the ground. Height from nave floor line to chancel groin 31 feet, to nave cornice 23 feet., nave ridge 46 feet. The cost, up to the present time, has boon about £4,000. Messrs. Paley and Austin, of Lancaster, were the architects, and Messrs. O. and O. Jones, of Penmachno, were the contractors. [Building News 4 July 1873 page 8]

Reference    The Architect 3 May 1873 page 239
Reference    Building News 4 July 1873 page 8