Building Name

Church of St James Greenaces Moor, Oldham

1825 - 1829
Barry Streeet
Greenacres Moor, Oldham
GMCA, England
New build
Grade II

NEW CHURCH, NEAR OLDHAM - To Masons, Carpenters, and other Artificers.  Any persons desirous of offering a tender for any of the different trades required in the Erection of this Church, may inspect the Plans, at the house of Mr. Enoch Dunkerley, of Watersheddings, near Oldham, where they will remain until the 25th instant, that purpose. The Committee will meet on the 30th instant, at ten o'clock in the morning, to receive and to open the proposals. — The Committee do not pledge themselves to accept any tender, unless the same shall be approved of by his Majesty's Commissioners for building New Churches. Further particulars may be obtained on application to the said Mr. Dunkerley; to Mr. Henry Barlow, solicitor, Rhodes House, Oldham; or to Mr. Goodwin, the Architect, by letters, post-paid, addressed to his office, No. 29, Francis-street, Bedford-square, London. [Manchester Guardian 19 November 1825 page 2]

GREENACRES MOOOR - On Monday last, the ceremony of laying the first stone of a new church, about to be built at the bottom or Greenacres Moor, near Oldham, took place. A procession, consisting of several of the gentlemen in the neighbourhood, accompanied by the Odd Fellows, and two other societies of nearly a similar description, with a band of music, paraded the streets of Oldham, preparatory to the stone being laid. When the procession arrived at the Appointed place, the stone was laid with the formalities usually observed on such occasions, by James Lees, Esq. of Clarksfield. The intended church is one that is being built under the late parliamentary grant, for the erection of new churches. —Mr. Francis Goodwin of London, is the architect. [Manchester Guardian 8 September 1827 page 3]

Foundation    Monday 3 September 1827
Consecration    29 September 1829

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