Building Name

Church of St. John the Baptist, Shuttleworth, near Bury

1845 - 1848
Shuttleworth, Bury
GMCA, England
New build

CONSECRATION OF SHUTTLEWORTH CHURCH - On Saturday morning at half-past ten o'clock, the Right Rev. the Bishop of Manchester proceeded to Shuttleworth, about a mile from Ramsbottom, on the line of the East Lancashire Railway Company, for the purpose of consecrating the first church erected in that neglected neighbourhood. Although Shuttleworth is place of some considerable standing, and contains, we understand, upwards of 2,000 inhabitants, yet has never until now possessed the benefits of church, or of a school, not even one of those seminaries of instruction, known Dame Schools Some time ago it was determined to erect a building as a school and occasional preaching station, but after the structure was erected, it was resolved, chiefly through the instrumentality of Mr. Richard Wild, who resides at Shuttleworth, to enlarge the building, and convert it into a district church.  In the immediate vicinity of the church, a plot of ground, a Cheshire acre in extent, has been devoted, one half to the purpose of a burial ground, and the other half is intended for a parsonage house. The elegant structure, to which we have referred, is designed in the decorated style of architecture, and consists of a nave 67 feet by 27 feet 2 inches, north aisle, 58 feet by 12 feet, separated from the nave by a row of four pillars and five arches, and a south porch. The bell turret surmounts the western gable of the nave, and is a striking feature the surrounding landscape. The roofs are all framed with open timber work, thus giving a great altitude to an otherwise low building. All the seats (which are as open benches) are extremely low, and stained in imitation of old oak. The accommodation is for 413 persons, inclusive of 284 free sittings. The font, which when finished will be placed near the porch door, is very large and extremely handsome, and will be a very striking feature on entering the church. The masonry is exceedingly well executed, and reflects great credit upon the parties concerned in the works. The architect is Mr. E. H. Shellard, of this city, who is so extensively known as ecclesiastical architect. [Manchester Courier Wednesday 16 February 1848 page 6].

SHUTTLEWOUTH CHURCH - To the EDITOR of the MANCHESTER COURIER. Sir,—l am sure you will readily correct an unintentional omission in your report of the consecration of Shuttleworth church. This beautiful little country church is stated to be the design of Mr. Shellard, of Manchester, when in fact it was originally designed as a school, by Mr A. H. Cates, formerly of York, and now of London, (the architect to the handsome steeple the parish church of Bury). Mr. Shellard converted the school into a church by adding with great good taste, an aisle and bell turret, and he would be the last to claim to himself the whole merit the design. Yours, etc., JUSTICIA. Feb. 17, 1848. [Manchester Courier 19 February 1848 page 7]

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