Building Name

Church of St Michael Mottram in Langdendale: restoration

Warhill via Church Brow
Mottram in Langdendale, Tameside
GMCA, England
Completed by Gregan

RESTORATION OF THE PARISH CHURCH On Wednesday last, a preliminary meeting of the subscribers to the fund for restoring the church of Mottram, which had been convened by the churchwardens, was held in the parish church. ...... The works required to restore the building would involve the taking down of the clerestory and the roof from the side aisles, leaving only the outer walls, tower and chancel standing, in order to rebuild on a similar plan, with only such alterations as will make the new part correspond with the original architecture of the church. Mr E H Shellard, late of Manchester, was unanimously appointed the architect of the work. [Manchester Guardian 31 December 1853 page 9]

**Notwithstanding this report, Gregan appears to have replace Shellard as architect for the restorations in early 1854. The Listing Text would appear to be in error