Building Name

Church of St Paul Kersall Moor Heating

Moor Lane
Kersal, Salford
New Build

The specification and estimate are to be delivered to Mr Trimen, 9 Adam Street, Adelphi, London on or before the last day of the present month. The specification is to be in detail, to state the weight of metal etc, the heat to be obtained during the coldest Sabbath during the winters of 1851 and 1852 or the number of degrees above the external air. One third of the entire cost of the works is to remain in the hands of the committee as guarantee for the efficiency and maintenance of the works during 12 months after the church is opened for worship.[Drawings and details could be inspected at Trimen’s office in London or at the Clerk of Works in Manchester].

Reference           Manchester Guardian 5 July 1851 page 11 Column 4 (Contracts)

The heating system was not a great success. The church, a barn of a place, soon gained a reputation for being too hot in summer and too cold in winter.