Building Name

Corinthian Chapel Cambridge

Cambridgeshire, England
New Build

The Corinthian chapel, at Cambridge, opened in the present year, is built of white brick, with the whole of the columns, antae, and entablature of projecting portico, with all the cornices and dressings, of Ketting stone. The lofty interior has the ceiling opened between the queen posts, thus giving 8ft. additional height; the whole being divided into panels. The receding communion with antae, the whole height, are surmounted with Corinthian capitals, in white and gold. Capitals, of similar decoration, crown the pillars supporting the gallery. The architect's original estimate was £2200 without gas, and the contract amounted to £2100, and no extras, including vestry, and preparation for schoolrooms under the whole surface of the chapel. In this case, the trustees calculated on extras to the amount of several hundred pounds, but were assured that, on their introducing into the agreement an article ensuring their non‑interference during the progress of the works, not one shilling extra should be incurred. Good faith was maintained by all parties, - the result was successful and happy. Not a shilling was claimed by the contractors for extras.

Reference           Church and Chapel Architecture Page 152-153