Building Name

Cricket Pavilion Denstone College Staffordshire

Staffordshire, England
New Build
Messrs Chamberlain of Burton

CRICKET PAVILION DENSTONE COLLEGE,  STAFFS -  The new pavilion, erected from designs by Mr Bertram Heywood, is now finished. It has a wide roof with green slates, green woodwork, red brick and stone walls. In front are raised terraces, to be provided with seats; a verandah some five feet wide runs on the top of these, broken in the centre by a projecting bay, which forms the main entrance. The luncheon room is large, and its roof shows the rafters and ceiling woodwork, a feature being made of the arched timber trusses which support it. The brick walls are at present left bare. Opening out of this room to the right and left are the dressing rooms for visiting teams and the lavatory accommodation. A room for nets and other cricketing apparatus is reached externally at the eastern end, and there is also a servants' entrance to the luncheon room at the back of the building. The cost of the work is £600. The builders are Messrs Chamberlain of Burton.

Reference           Builder 7 August 1897 Page 115