Building Name

Five Dwelling Houses Birthwaite Estate Windermere

Birthwaite, Windermere
GMCA, England
Kendal and Windermere Railway Company
New build

TO EXCAVATORS, BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, CARPENTERS etc. TO BE LET. All the work required in the erection of FIVE DWELLING HOUSES on the Birthwaite Estate, Windermere. The plans, drawings and specifications will be on view at the offices of the Architects, 68 George Street Manchester on the 19th and 20th instant; and at the Windermere Hotel on and after the 22ind instant, where also the architects will attend on the 24th instant to give all explanations required. Sealed tenders to be sent in to M Harrison Esq. The Secretary of the Kendal and Windermere Railway Company, Kendal before 30th November instant.

Reference           Manchester Guardian 13 November 1852 page 3 - contracts