Building Name

Monton Memorial Schools, Monton,

1888 - 1889
Monton, Eccles
GMCA, England
New Build
Grade II
William Southern and Sons, Salford

The foundations are being put in for the erection of new Unitarian Schools at Monton, near Eccles. The site is at the rear of the present church. Mr Worthington is the architect and Mr Southern the contractor. [Manchester Guardian 1 August 1888 page 7]

MONTON MEMORIAL SCHOOLS, MANCHESTER— The new school buildings here were opened on Saturday. They contain, on the ground floor, the large schoolroom, 42 feet long, 32ft wide, with two classrooms at each end ; the infant school, 32ft by 22 feet, with classroom adjoining; lavatories and cloakrooms for boys, girls, and infants ; kitchen, with basement kitchen under, communicating with staircase and lift; and porch and staircase for public use. The large hall 64 feet by 32 feet, is placed on the first floor, and is a lofty room, with sloping ceiling, showing the hammer-beam principals of the root, with a raised platform at one end, opening into the hall by a wide archway, fitted with special provisions for being readily converted into a stage for dramatic performances. The building is substantially constructed, the outer walls being built with a lining of brickwork, and cavity for warmth and protection against damp, and faced with stone throughout to correspond with the church ; the roofs are covered with green Westmoreland slates, and the principal rooms nave pitch-pine dadoes round the inside walls. Messrs. Wm. Southern and Sons, of Salford, have erected the buildings, under the direction of the architects, Messrs. Thos. Worthington and J. G. Elgood, of 46, Brown-street, Manchester. Mr. W. Wilson has acted as clerk, of works throughout. [Building News 19 July 1870 page 95]

Conversion into offices  last being used as office space in August 2009. Subsequently vacant.

Reference    Manchester Guardian 1 August 1888 page 7
Reference    Building News 19 July 1870 page 95