Building Name

New Church, Bilston, Staffordshire

Staffordshire, England
New build

NEW CHURCH, BILSTON, STAFFORDSHIRE Builders desirous of contracting for the whole or any of the several works of this Church. are desired to send tenders for the same, sealed, with the names and residences of the parties and their sureties endorsed thereon, addressed to his Majesty's Commissioners, under cover to the Rev W Leigh, Bilston. ….. The plans and specifications may be seen from ten in the morning to eight in the evening at the vestry of Bilston Church, from July 12th to 1st August. Further particulars may be had by letter, post-paid, at my office. FRANCIS GOODWIN, architect, Francis Street, Bedford Square, London. {Manchester Guardian 14 July 1827 page1]

Reference    Manchester Guardian 14 July 1827 page 1
Reference    Manchester Guardian 21 July 1827 page 1