Building Name

Parish Church, Whitegate

Whitegate, near Northwich
Cheshire, England
R. Beckett, of Hartford

WHITEGATE - The parish church of Whitegate, Cheshire, has recently been re-opened, after restoration. The old church was erected in 1726. Externally it was a plain brick building, having a narrow square projection at the west end, rising considerably above the level of the roof, which did duty for the tower. Internally, the church was divided into nave and side aisles by means of wooden pillars, which, with the roof timbers, remain in the new building. The design of the new work is of a Late Gothic character, and the whole has been carried out by Mr. R. Beckett, of Hartford, under the superintendence of Mr. J. Douglas, architect, of Chester. In the re-building, externally, new mullioned and traceried windows of stone have been inserted in the side walls of the body of the church; the old parapet walls have been removed, and projecting eaves, with a cove formed of cement underneath, provided instead. In the new work as much as possible of the old walling, which was of bricks of a small size, has been re-used. On the south side there is a new porch, constructed of oak. The tower has been pulled down to about 3 feet above the ridge of the main roof and is now surmounted by a spire constructed of wood and covered with oak shingles. The chancel, which is considerably longer than the old one, is altogether new. The restoration has involved an expenditure of about £1,600. [Building News 14 May 1875 page 557]

Reference           Building News 14 May 1875 page 557