Building Name

Police and Fire Station Werneth Oldham

1897 - 1900
Werneth, Oldham
GMCA, England
Corporation of Oldham
New build

In 1898 a new Werneth station opened in Manchester Road, Oldham which was built to plans by Messrs. Winder and Taylor, architects of Oldham. It had “the latest improvements and conveniences of firemen’s dwellings which were a special feature at this period and every accommodation will provide for the mental and physical recreation of the men during their leisure hours.” The firemen’s dwellings on Frederick Street are still there today. Stationed at Werneth was one Engine (No. 3), one tender and four horses (Ben and Dan for the engine, Nat and Joe for the tender). Fire Brigade horses were kept on duty at Werneth until 18th June 1910 when a motorised engine was bought, at a cost of £711 10s 0d. It was still manned by Police Firemen until 1st January 1935 when twelve permanent firemen were posted to Werneth.

During the early stages of World War 2 when the Auxiliary Fire Service was formed, Werneth Fire Station on Manchester Rd was the nucleus of Area 2. This system carried on until the formation of the National Fire Service on 1st August 1941, when Werneth became just a number amongst many in No. 10 Region, 27 Area, ‘H’ Division, A2 Sub-Division, with its members serving in the Manchester Blitz and many other parts of the county.

The 1st April 1948 saw the station once again become Werneth and part of Oldham Fire Brigade. At least until 1st April 1974 when once again Werneth became part of Greater Manchester Fire Service with a new call sign - C34. The building was finally demolished by the council in 1987 after they bought it for £500 from the Fire Authority. It had been vacant for a number of years.

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