Building Name

Police Station (former), Moor Lane, Kersal

1877 - 1879
Moor Lane
Kersal, Salford
GMCA, England
Borough of Salford
New Build

The land in Moor Lane, Kersal, referred to in the last annual report as being suitable for a police station, in lieu of that recently taken down at the end of Park Lane, has been acquired and plans are now in course of preparation for a police station to be erected thereon.[Manchester Guardian 24 December 1877 Page 5]

In connection with the Kersal station an interesting experiment is being tried. The means of communication at present existing between the stations is the Wheatstone alphabet telegraph, but the Watch Committee has decided to try the telephone between the Kersal station and the headquarters at the Salford Town Hall. The apparatus is being constructed by Messrs D Moseley and Sons, New Brown Street, and it is expected that for the purposes required it will prove much more serviceable than the telegraph. [Manchester Guardian 9 April 1879 page 8]

In June 1910 the Watch Committee decided to close the Moor Lane Police Station experimentally for twelve months as part of a policy to reduce the number of police officers. (It is assumed that this arrangement became permanent). In 1939 a resolution was passed by Salford Council to demolish the building and erect a fire station on the site. The outbreak of the Second World War halted further progress, Broughton Fire Station eventually being built on Bury New Road. The Police Station became a police house, occupied in the early 1950s by Sergeant Cunliffe, before being sold as a private residence.

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