Building Name

Portico Salford Free Library and Museum Peel Park

GMCA, England
Salford Corporation
New build

At the monthly meeting of Salford Town Council held on 1 March 1865 it was recorded that the tender of Messrs Patteson for erecting the new portico for £623 had been accepted, subject to completion by 1 May 1865 [Manchester Guardian 2 March 1865 page 3]

PROPOSED ALTERATIONS AT THE FREE LIBRARY IN PEEL PARK – For some time the Museum Committee have contemplated an improved entrance at the east front of the building, and the erection of a new portico in the room of the old one which had fallen into a dilapidated state. Eventually Mr Walters, architect, of this city, kindly presented to the Committee a design which he had prepared. This design is intended to harmonise with the old building insomuch as the committee think it undesirable at the present time to incur the expense consequent upon a re-building of the whole structure. Mr Walter’s design is for a much larger portico than the old one. Having accepted the design, the Committee placed it in the hands of Mr J G Barker, architect, also of this city, and authorised him to draw a specification and procure tenders for the work. The tender from Messrs Patteson for the execution of the work for £623 has been accepted, and the alteration is now proceeding. The new portico is to be of the Doric order, having two columns on each side, and a broad flight of steps ascending from the front. The landings are, on each side, to be protected by an ornamental balustrade of cast iron. The ceiling will be divided into panels. The door of the building, whose width will exceed by four feet that of the present entrance, is to be in ornamental panels. The greater portion of the door will be of plate glass, bearing the arms of the borough of Salford and those of the Duchy of Lancaster, burned in. The centre window of the building over the portico is to be removed and fitted with large plate glass, so as to give access to the top of the portico on public occasions. In the front of the ascending steps is to be placed a handsome ornamental lamp stand, harmonising with the portico design.

The library has recently undergone considerable alteration. Enlarged accommodation has been obtained by the removal of the lending library from a room at the left of the corridor to two large rooms in the basement floor of the building, formerly used as part of the refreshment rooms. [Manchester Guardian 4 March 1865 page 4]

Reference    Manchester Guardian 2 March 1865 page 3 -Salford Town Council
Reference    Manchester Guardian 4 March 1865 page 4