Building Name

Proposed Broadway Super Cinema Broad Street Pendleton

1931 - 1936
Broad Street
Pendleton, Salford
GMCA, England
Broadway Super Cinema (Pendleton) Limited
New Build
not completed
G & J Seddon Ltd

MANCHESTER - A 2000 seat super-cinema is to be built in Broad-Street, Pendleton. It will be known as the “Broadway” and will accommodate 2,000 people. The architect will be Mr Peter Cummings 27 King Street West, Manchester. [ Builder 17 July 1931 Page 125]

It is intended to erect a modern Super Cinema with cafe attached and the plans are being prepared by Mr Peter Cummings ARIBA FMSA 27 King Street West Manchester, who has designed several super cinemas in the Manchester district and has been the architect of the Capitol Theatre at Didsbury. The building itself will be unique in design and have a most attractive appearance. It has been designed to embody the latest improvements and developments in cinema design. (Prospectus) Accommodation for three hundred people will be provided in the large restaurant and cafe on the first floor which, in addition to having a separate entrance for the public will be easily accessible to the patrons inside the cinema. Unlike so many theatres, the exterior will not be disfigured by posters, electric signs and other features, for it has been so designed as to incorporate these in the face of the edifice. The whole audience can be cleared in two minutes. The plans, which have been approved by the Salford Corporation have been prepared by Mr Peter Cummings ARIBA who designed the Capitol Theatre, Didsbury. Site of 2050 square yards bounded by Broad Street, Leaf Square and Blenheim Place with provision for the lease of a further plot of land for car parking. Accommodation for 1350 in the auditorium and 650 on the balcony.

Work commenced on site in June or July 1932 with the cinema's opening anticipated by the end of the year or early in 1933. However, the project soon ran into financial difficulties and within a few months work on site stopped. At this stage the foundations had been completed and part of the steelwork erected at a total outlay of  some £3000-£5000. Serious attempts were made to resurrect the project and a report in February 1934 suggested that work on the cinema could begin again shortly. Although costs had now apparently risen to £60,000 it was believed that there were genuine prospects of the cinema being finally complete by August 1934. These hopes proved unfounded and the scheme was finally abandoned in February 1936 when the company and the contractor agreed a financial settlement.

SALFORD - Work is to commence on the construction of the Broadway Super Cinema at Leaf Square, Pendleton, Salford, with seating capacity of 2,000 and a café to seat 300 people. Mr Peter Cummings ARIBA, 27 King Street West is the architect. The contract has been let to Messrs G and J Seddon Ltd, building contractors, 5 Manchester Road West, Little Hulton, near Bolton. The terra cotta front will be done by the Middleton Fireclay Company, Middleton, Leeds.[Builder 8 July 1932 Page 66]

It is expected that work will re-commence shortly on the completion of the Broadway Cinema, Leaf Square Pendleton, for which a contract was let in July 1932 to Messrs G and J Seddon Limited, Little Hulton, near Bolton. Mr Peter Cummings ARIBA, 27 King Street West, Manchester, is the architect. [Builder 16 February 1934 Page 311].

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