Building Name

Proposed Synagogue for Sedgley Park Hebrew Congregation

Bury Old Road
GMCA, England
Sedgley Park Hebrew Congregation
Proposed design
not progressed

NOTE - It is unclear whether this is an error in reporting or whether Pater Cummings was replaced as architect by T H Birks (qv) in 1933-1934.

Formed in 1928, the Congregation originally worshipped in temporary accommodation - a large Victorian house close to Heaton Park entrance. Their decision to build a new synagogue was not without some controversy within the local Jewish community, generated in part by the recent completion of the Crumpsall Synagogue (Pendleton & Dickinson) on Bury Old Road, Cheetham Hill and some half mile distance from the proposed site. Many considered that two congregations in such close proximity could not be sustained, countered by the argument that the old and infirm would have to walk excessive distances from Sedgley to the Crumpsall synagogue. In all probability the decision to form a new congregation had more to do with the provision of Jewish schools close to the new suburban housing springing up in the area. Writing in the Manchester City News as part of a series of articles on Manchester’s religious groups, “Pilgrim” stated: Already the Congregation has an imposing body of members and there is the widest possible local interest in the scheme to build a beautiful new synagogue on the site (already purchased and levelled) on Bury Old Road just before Albert Avenue. ... Building of the projected synagogue - which it is hoped will begin shortly, the plans having already been passed - will begin with large schoolrooms so arranged that when necessary they can be made into one large hall capable of holding some hundreds of people at service. The plans are in the hands of Mr Peter Cummings, the well-known Manchester architect. [Manchester City News 6 August 1932 Page 5 Column 4. Sedgley Park Congregation by Pilgrim].

Reference    Manchester City News 6 August 1932 Page 5 Column 4. Sedgley Park Congregation by Pilgrim