Building Name

Public Baths, Morecambe

Lancashire, England

PUBLIC BATHS, MORECAMBE—Plans have been prepared by Mr. T. A. Fitton, architect, of Manchester and Morecambe, for the conversion of the ground floor of the Lyric Theatre, in Morecambe street, into public baths. It is proposed to retain the room above as a hall in which to hold entertainments. The front entrance-hall and staircases will remain as at present. At the entrance on the ground floor an attendant’s ticket-box will be provided on the left-hand side. The present double row of iron pillars in the centre supporting the floor above will be moved back to allow of a large plunge bath, 40 feet by 25 feet, being constructed in the centre. The bath is to" have a depth of 5 feet 6 in. at the deepest end, and 3 feet at the shallowest. On the right side of this there will be a row of eleven dressing-boxes, and on the left side and end twelve slipper-baths. Over these will be a seated balcony all round. Over this again, on the right side, will be provision for an additional row of dressing-boxes if required. In the basement, at the back, a boiler-house, laundry, and drying-room will be provided. Ante-rooms and a proscenium will be erected at the stage end. It is also intended to improve the front elevation to the street. The premises are to be warmed with hot-water apparatus throughout. [Builder 12 March 1898 page 261]