Building Name

Public Hall Chesterfield (Architectural Competition)

Derbyshire, England
Competition entry
Fourth place

CHESTERFIELD PUBLIC HALL COMPETITION. Twenty-seven designs have been submitted in this competition. Mr T C Hine, architect, of Nottingham, who was retained by the building committee to report on the designs sent in, has issued his report, in which he says that there are so few designs marked by a rigid adherence to the printed conditions that in the selection of the merely premiated designs he is compelled to overlook some departures from the same. He considers the following to be the five best designs in order of merit: No. 1, "Hope," Messrs Smith and Woodhouse, Manchester; No. 2, Maltese Cross, Messrs Rollinson and Masters, Chesterfield; No. 3, "Lux," Mr J C Gilbert, Nottingham; No. 4, “Carbon" (alternative design), Mr H Paull, Manchester; No. 5, interlaced triangle with letter E, Mr J B Everard, Leicester.

Reference           Building News 10 July 1874 page 58