Building Name

Saint Michael's Church Schools, Beswick

Beswick, Manchester
GMCA, England
New build

Reference    Manchester Archive Ref No M28/16   (No. 4290) 

(a) Rough tracing of the ground plan from the back of the Trust Deed.
(b) Sketch plan of infant school, showing the boiler and chamber containing the vessells [sic]; section of chamber and cold air opening, showing the vessells.
(c) Ground plan. Scale 1" ‘ 4'
(d) One pair plan. Scale 1" ‘ 4'
(e) Two pair plan. Scale 1" ‘ 4'
(f) Plans of girls' room, boys' room and infants' room, and section showing the height of each room. Scale 1" ‘ 8'
(g) Plans of present and proposed offices (W.C.) on the ground and 1st and 2nd pair floors; section of present offices; section of proposed alterations in offices. Scale 1" ‘ 4'
(h) Section of present offices (W.C.), ground floor; details of proposed alterations in offices   section of ground floor offices. Scale 1" ‘ 2'
(i) Ground plan of offices (W.C.), showing the alterations proposed to be effected in each room. Scale 1" ‘ 8'
(k) [Section of desks and seats ]. Scale 1" ‘ 1' 
Date         20 Jan. 1846