Building Name

St Simon & St Jude Granby Row

1841 - 1842
Granby Row
Central, Manchester
GMCA, England
Manchester and Eccles Church Building Society
New build
Mr Trees of Cheetham

The first church we shall notice is from the design of Mr E Walters, an architect of considerable talent, who to much scientific and practical knowledge, unites the feeling and nice perception of the artist. It is in Granby Row, and stands on ground descending at a considerable angle from the street to the river, the retaining wall of which is about four feet from the east end of the church. The architect has surmounted these obstacles; and though the foundations swallowed up the sum of £480, he is confident of being able to complete the church for £2,400. It is to contain 800 people, 600 adults, and 200 children. The west elevation, which is all that is seen from the street, is of the early English style, and has been carefully studied. [The Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal. January 1842 Pages 27-28]

LAYING THE FOUNDATION STONE OF A NEW CHURCH – The Manchester and Eccles Church Building Society have commenced the erection of another new church to be designated the Church of St Simon and St Jude. The ground chosen for its site is in Granby Row, nearly opposite St Augustine’s Chapel. The dimensions of the church will be about 70 feet by 44 feet; and it will contain about 810 sittings, one half of which are to be free. Its essential parts will be in the Early English style of architecture. The front, which will look out into Granby Row, will be entirely of stone. Its principal features will consist of four bold perforated buttresses, surmounted with canopied niches. The entrance door will be deeply recessed, with a coupled trefoil window over it. The chancel is to be separated from the body of the church by a tripled arch, over which a handsome circular window will be placed. There will be six lancet windows on each side of the church, and the interior of the roof will be decorated with some Gothic ornaments. Mr Walters is the architect, and Mr Trees of Cheetham, the builder. The ceremony of laying the foundation stone took place on Thursday at 1.00pm. [Manchester Guardian 3 November 1841 page 2]

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