Building Name

The Palladium Southport

Merseyside, England
New Build

The Palladium Southport has recently been erected at a cost of upwards of £30,000. It has a seating capacity of 1,500, with large café and tea gardens. These overlook the beautiful gardens which have been laid out by the Corporation. Installed in the building is a large orchestralle organ, costing approximately £6,000; this forms an important feature of the auditorium. The proscenium opening is 37 feet wide, and the stage 40 feet deep. The elevation is of Italian Renaissance design. Messrs J C and F Woods of Bolton and Southport were the contractors for the building. The greater part of the interior structural work, and the whole of the electric lighting, sanitation, interior decoration and furnishing has been carried out by Messrs Hampton and Sons, Pall Mall East, London SW. The scheme of decoration is in the style of the English 18th century. An elliptical ceiling of exceptionally graceful line is supported on a decorated frieze beneath which are handsome pilasters. The colour scheme consists of very soft shades of grey cream and white, enriched with a very restrained use of gold, finished to an antique tone, with all draperies and carpets in a very pleasing shade of old- rose colour. Adjoining the auditorium is the foyer, with columnar treatment and a vaulted ceiling. From this a large marble staircase leads up to the circle, tea lounge and retiring-rooms. The tea lounge is decorated in the style of the Brothers Adam, many of the ornaments employed being copies of original Adam models. The scheme affords an excellent example of how, when handled with knowledge and skill, the essential features of this historic style can be so adapted to local conditions as to impart an atmosphere of refinement and distinction. The colour scheme is a beautiful shade of mauve, the pleasing effect of which is greatly enhanced by the gilt enrichments. All the decorative features were originated in the studios of Messrs Hampson and Sons, in Pall Mall East, and the work has been entirely constructed and carried out by them in the record time of just over two months. Mr George E Tonge of Lord Street Southport , was the architect.[Building News 20 March 1914 Page 401]

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