Building Name

The Regent Picture Theatre Fallowfield

Fallowfield, Manchester
GMCA, England
New build

Now demolished, the cinema was decorated in the Spanish style. The front elevation was comparatively restrained, painted white with a colonnaded veranda above the main entrance doors. At night the building was flood-lit, emphasising the canopy and the arch in the auditorium wall. The Spanish theme was continued through to the interior, with rough textured plaster treatment to the walls, an idea taken directly from contemporary American interior design. The cinema was still designed for the showing of silent films with provision for an orchestra. However, the Souvenir Programme produced for the opening night in August 1929 showed that the management were well aware of the growing interest in 'talkies' but were unclear as to their response. They indicated a willingness to provide "facilities for the immediate installation of the same, should patrons desire Sound Films. It is felt, however, that it would be better to provide a first-class Orchestra and the best Silent Films obtainable to commence with and to obtain later the opinion of Patrons as to whether Talking Films are desired or not".