Building Name

Tootal Broadhurst and Lee War Memorial, Oxford Street Manchester

Central, Manchester
GMCA, England
War Memorial

Another successful memorial of an absolutely different kind is a delicate one of carefully chosen and fitted marbles by Mr Sellars in the staircase of the warehouse of the Tootal Broadhurst and Lee Company in Oxford Street. Somewhat in the shape of a tall clock case, it stands against a wall of glazed tiles of a thick green colour – the most difficult background one can imagine. The architect has, however, isolated it as well as he could from the tiles by a black marble surround. On this he has built up a charmingly delicate structure of white and golden pink marble, culminating in a niche at the top for a small bronze figure with a lamp. Below, in finely drawn panels, are the names of the fallen. It is impossible to do justice in any description to the pious reserve of this delicate memorial. Anyone desirous of erecting a small memorial should see this work of an accomplished Manchester artist before going further and certainly before going to a dealer. [[Professor Reilly Manchester Guardian 9 February 1923 page 5]

Reference           Professor Reilly Manchester Guardian 9 February 1923 page 5