Building Name

Warehouse Laystall Street

Laystall Street
Central, Manchester
GMCA, England
John Armitage and Sons
New build

The former warehouse and offices of John Armstrong and Sons, a firm of terracotta and firebrick manufacturers established in 1838, whose works/Manchester depot stood near Piccadilly Railway Station . Its "extravagant front of richly moulded terracotta" served to promote its wares.The keystone heads etc were probably modelled by the firm's Italian-born sculptor, Peter Nanetti. The Sheffield offices and John Armstrong's house followed the same principal of incorporating the company's products.

CHECK -date of 1850

Around 1850 John Armitage purchased a small brick and tile works (Wharncliffe Fireclay Works, Deepcar) from W. J. & R. Turner and quickly turned it into a thriving business. In 1874 his son Charles came into the business and the firm became known as J. Armitage & Son. In 1878 the name changed again to J. Armitage & Sons when another son, Alfred, entered the business. John Armitage died in 1890 and the business was continued by his sons until 1903 when due to financial problems it was taken over by The Armitage Works Co. Ltd. The original business had offices in both Sheffield and Manchester.