Building Name

Wesleyan Chapel Battersea

Batersea, London
Greater London, England
New Build

A design in the Tudor style, was offered for a chapel to be erected at Battersea, in 1845; the dimensions of which, were 47 feet by 35 feet, with receding communion, vestry, and preparations for school rooms under the whole of the building. The contract was taken for £1077, but never carried into effect. The "cautious projector" thinking that a considerable saving might be effected, abandoned this beautiful design, which possessed more real architectural merits than any Gothic chapel in the county of Middlesex, up to the present period. (AD 1849) A building in the warehouse style, and of smaller dimensions, designed by the contractor, was therefore substituted for the former beautiful design, the final cost of which, exceeded £800.

Reference           Church and Chapel Architecture Page 151-152