Building Name

Wesleyan Chapel Cheadle

Cheadle, Stockport
GMCA, England
New Build
G Bardsley of Cheadle,

CHEADLE - The London and North-Western Railway Company having purchased the Wesleyan Chapel at Cheadle, a larger edifice is about to be erected in the central part of the village. The amount given by the company for the site and materials of the old building is said to be £900; and this with the sum already subscribed, will go far to meet the cost of the new chapel which is estimated at £1,300. The foundation stone has been laid. The chapel is to be built of seconds bricks, with Hollingstone dressings, and black bricks will be used in some parts of the exterior by way of relief. It will be in the Geometric style and will consist of a nave and transepts. It is in contemplation, at some future time, to add a school-house to the chapel, at a probable cost of £400; but until this be done, the two transepts with the intervening space, will be appropriated to the use of the children connected with the Sunday-schools. This part of the chapel will be separated from the nave by a wooden screen, so constructed that the whole of the interior will be available, when required, for devotional or other purposes. The nave, which for the present is to be used as the chapel, will accommodate 240 persons. The dimensions within the walls are 64 feet by 29 feet. Suitable vestry and other accommodation will be provided at the rear. The building will be lighted by traceried windows of Gothic pattern. The roof will be of stained open timbered work. There will be no galleries. Mr H Fuller of Manchester is the architect; and Mr G Bardsley of Cheadle, the contractor. The sum mentioned as the estimated cost of the building will include the expense of heating and lighting. [Builder 25 June 1864. Page 479]

Reference           Builder 25 June 1864. Page 479