Building Name

Wesleyan Chapel Horncastle

1869 - 1870
Queen Street
Lincolnshire, England
Demolished 1965
Water and Hinsman of Horncastle

The foundation stone of a new Wesleyan Chapel was laid last week at Horncastle, Lincolnshire. It is designed in the Italian style, to hold about 000 people, and will cost over £1,000. Mr William Waddington, of Burnley, is the architect, and Mr. Walters, of Horncastle, the contractor. [Building News February 5 1869 page 122]

The new Wesleyan Chapel just opened, is in the Italian style of architecture; the walls are built of brick in two colours, with dressings of Bath stone. The accommodation is for 962 persons; in addition there is a large and commodious band room, with five classrooms. The cost is about ,4,600. Mr Waddington of Burnley is the architect, and Messrs Walter and Hansman, of Hrncastle, are the contractors. [The Architect 19 February 1870 page 97]

HORNCASTLE.CThe now Wesleyan chapel at Horncastle, which was opened last week, is in the Italian style of architecture, and is built with brick in two colours, with dressings of Bath stone, its external dimensions being 96ft, long, 58ft. wide, and 36ft high. There are seven entrances, three to the body of the chapel, and four to the gallery. The gallery, which is semi‑circular at each end, is reached by four staircases. The chapel accommodates 962 persons. There is also a large band-room and five classrooms in the rear of the building. The chapel is warmed by hot‑water pipes, and the band‑room and classrooms by open fires. The cost is about ,4,500. Mr Waddington, of Burnley, Lancashire, is the architect; and Messrs Walter and Hensman, of Horncastle, are the contractors. [Building News 18 February 1870 page 140]

HORNCASTLE—The new Wesleyan chapel, opened at Horncastle, is built in the Italian style of architecture. Its external dimensions are 96 feet in length, 58 feet in width, and 35 feet in height. The walls are built with brick, in two colours, having Bath stone dressings. There are three entrances in front, with glazed screens in the vestibules. The body of the chapel contains 430 sittings, 125 of which are free. There are four side entrances and staircases leading to the gallery, which is semi-circular at each end, and besides an orchestra, contains 532 sittings, 142 of which are free. In the rear of the building there is a band-room, 53 feet by 17 feet 3 inches, and five class-rooms and vestries, all warmed by open fires, and lighted with gas. The chapel is warmed by hot-water pipes, and lighted by two large sun-burners, and eight pendants under the gallery. All internal woodwork is stained and varnished, except the pulpit and gallery front, which are painted white and gold. The windows are glazed with enamelled glass, having ornamental coloured borders. The cost will be about £4,500. Mr. William Waddington of Burnley was the architect; and Messrs Water and Hinsman of Horncastle were the builders .  [Builder 2 April 1870 page 271-2]

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