Building Name

Wesleyan Chapel Landport

Portsea Isle, Portsmouth
Hampshire, England
New Build

In the same year, (1844) a Wesleyan chapel was erected at Landport, in the Italian style. It is built of good, sound red brick, and Caen stone, is 57 feet long, by 43 feet broad, and will afford accommodation for 955 persons. The contract included three storeys of large school, and class rooms behind, and amounted to £2115; the extras to £45 16s. 2d.; making the total cost £2160 16s. 2d. The expense of gas fittings for the chapel was £61; and for the school rooms £23. The estimate, with these additions, included the cost of fences and all expenses, and amounted to about £1 11s. 3d. per sitting. It should, however, be observed, that this amount of extras arose from the circumstance, that the site of the chapel was formerly, part of the Arundel canal; but the gravel with which the old canal was filled in, being taken up, and one‑ninth of unslacked lime added, and this composition again thrown into the trenches, there was formed a remarkably solid platform upon which this most substantial chapel was then erected.

TENDERS for building Wesleyan Chapel, etc, Landport, Portsea - A. Frimen (sic), Esq., Architect, Adam-street. Absolom, Portsea £2,453; Genett, Portsea, £2,390; King, etc., Portsea. £2,245; Hendey and Son, Portsea, £2,264; Low, Guildford, £2,165; Wells, etc., Portsea, £2150 12s 0d; Nicholson, Wandsworth, £2115. [Builder 27 July 1844 Page 378]

Reference    Church and Chapel Architecture Page 150-151
Reference    Builder 27 July 1844 Page 378