Building Name

Wesleyan Chapel, Sale

Sale, Trafford
GMCA, England
New Build
Robert Neill

SALE, NEAR MANCHESTER - The chief stone of a new Wesleyan Chapel has been laid here. The new edifice is being built from a design by Messrs. Pennington and Brigden, of Manchester and the contractor is Mr Robert Neill, also of this city. The building is Italian in style, and will he of brick and stone. There will be an attached Ionic portico and open vestibule. The entrance to the galleries will be by staircases at each side. At the pulpit end of the chapel there will be a deep recess, with Ionic order and pilasters, with a large semi-circular window over, which it is intended ultimately to fill with stained glass. At the rear of the chapel schools will be erected. The cost of the erection is estimated at £2,196. [Builder 17 March 1860 page 173]

Reference           Builder 17 March 1860 page 173