Building Name

William Atkinson Warehouse: Marsden Street

Marsden Street
Central, Manchester
GMCA, England
New build

Also by the same architect (Walters) are the warehouses in Marsden Street, built for Mr William Atkinson, in red brick and stone, of four storeys, besides an elevated basement, and having arch-headed recesses and piers for the main portion of the height, with a pilastraded top storey and a block-cornice; whilst the rusticated quoins, as in the greater number of the architect’s works, are alternated in different patterns, and have a pleasing effect of novelty. Two of the number of arches forming the arcade, at each end of the front, are coupled, the support in place of the brick pier being a small column carried on a truss. [Manchester Guardian 4 March 1858 page 4]

Reference    The Builder 1858: 97.
Reference    Manchester Guardian 4 March 1858 page 4