Alfred Hugh Davies-Colley

Place of Birth

  • Born                      Chester 1846
  • Died                       24 December 1917, at 11, Osney Crescent, Paignton

Alfred Hugh Davies Colley was the son of Thomas Davies-Colley, Esq, M.D., of Chester and the brother of Eleanor Davies-Colley, the first woman to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, John Neville Colley Davies Colley, FRCS, formerly Surgeon and Lecturer on Surgery to Guy's Hospital and Thomas Charles Davies-Colley, solicitor of Manchester. He was articled to Richard Kyrke Penson and Archibald Richie of Chester from 1864-67 and was later employed as assistant in the offices of J Medland and Henry Taylor of Manchester and George Somers Clarke.  A H Davies Colley commenced independent practice in 1873 and elected Associate of the RIBA on 23 May 1881, proposed by T Worthington, J Murgatroyd and J Holden. He resigned the RIBA in 1901, having retired from practice.

Obituary              Builder v114 4 January 1918 Page 16

RIBA Directory (Note RIBA Biography file missing or non-existent  April 2003)
Builder Index of Illustrations

1871    1900    No reference in Slater=s Directory
1874    Williamson & Colley 5 Old Half Moon Chambers 7 Chapel Walk (Slater's Directory)
1875    Williamson & Colley 5 Old Half Moon Chambers 7 Chapel Walk (Slater's Directory)
1876    A. Davies Colley architect Chapel Walks Manchester (M G Contracts: 5 May 1876)
1878    A. Davies Colley architect Chapel Walks Manchester (February 1878)
1878    A. Davies Colley, 24 Corporation Street Manchester (June 1878)
1881    A H Davies Colley. Lords Chambers, 26 Cooper Street (Slater's Directory)
1884    24 Corporation Street Manchester (RIBA)
1885    A H Davies Colley 48 King Street Manchester     British Architect 27 March 1885 Page ix
1886    48, King Street, Manchester (Manchester Guardian - St Paul's)
1891    Alfred H Davies-Colley, architect. 60, King Street
1900    No reference in Slater,s Directory

1881    Osborne Road, Levenshule (Census)
1891    Osborne Road, Coston Park, Levenshulme (Slater’s Directory)
1901    Alfred Colley, Birkdale, Southport (Census)
1917    11, Osney Crescent, Paignton, Devonshire. (Builder v.114  4 January 1918 Page 16)



Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Davis-Colley and Beaumont Architectural practice 1874 1878 Manchester
Colley and Brooke Architectural Practice 1881 1884 Manchester
Colley and Beaumont Architectural Practice 1875 1878 Manchester